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At times the team at ObjetkCare have been surprised by the lack of access to professional sculpture cleaning, sculpture maintenance and sculpture restoration providers in some locations around the world. However, as time has gone on, we have learnt who the best providers of these services are – and related services such as sculpture installation – and we’ve got to know some of them very well.

So, if you, your organisation or your family have a need for help with sculpture cleaning or any related services, feel free to get in touch with ObjektCare and we’ll help you connect with someone appropriate to assist you. In some areas, where suitable local services are not available we may be able to travel to assist (though of course this is very limited during COVID-19 travel bans). So, it doesn’t matter where you are – United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America or Europe – we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

For those curious about sculpture maintenance and its importance, here’s a snippet published online as part of A Simple Guide to Sculpture Cleaning – particularly with regards to bronze sculpture cleaning:

Bronze is coloured using patina, which is essentially an acid or corrosive chemical which causes a reaction on the surface of the bronze causing it the surface to change colour. Different chemical combinations can be used to create different colours on the surface of bronze. A simple example is the use of ammonia to create a green patina.

One of the downsides of bronze (and many other metals) is that it is prone to oxidisation and discolouration because of atmospheric pollution. Oxidisation a reaction caused by the loss of electrons because of exposure to oxygen which can cause bronze to tarnish and discolour. This can cause brown, black, red or blue to green colours to appear on the surface of the bronze